VIDEO: Surreal and Psychedelic Movie Demonstrates the Joy of Skiing During Lockdown

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The story of Supri, living in 2020, and dealing with all of the new challenges of the modern age, as well as skiing a lot and enjoying life.

In early March governments around the world began to institute laws in reaction to the rapid spread of the coronavirus. Many places have been on full lockdown and citizens have been left without the possibility to even leave the house for exercise. Val D’aran is a place where the rules have been the hardest. A full lockdown has now been in place for about fifty days! The order is ongoing and anyone who leaves their house for reasons other than to visit the grocery store or pharmacy is subject to a €600 fine. For the mountain people of Val D’Aran like Chipy, who we hear from to start Supri 2020, being forced to stay away from the natural beauty of their valley has been difficult. Rumor is that on May 2nd, they will be allowed to resume outdoor activity. It makes us happy to think of our friends back in the mountains together!

Americans in Spain:
A few weeks after the lockdown, Dorian Densmore cut his winter in the Pyrenees short to return to Teton Valley, Idaho with Mya Akins, whose visit coincided with a COVID lockdown rather than spring skiing.  
From Dorian: “Thank you to all of my Val D’ Aran friends, this movie is for you, supri’s! It was an epic season, a little short, but super fun.”
And Mya: “I’m really stoked to be able to make art for the movie, and to know all the awesome friends of Val D’ Aran.”
The Mestres Crew: Footage for Supri 2020 provided from “Mestres 2” full movie, to be released in the fall.
Dorian Densmore, Alvarito Santos, Adria Millan, Axel Tukiainen, Txema Trull, Dr. Casabone, Nacho Bertona, Abel Moga, Jordi Riba, Marc Moga, Pepo Estevez, Iñi Martinez, Luis Gomez Moran, Eduardo Chipy, Mya Akins, and many more. 

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