SUUNTO 9 Peak Pro: Mission Kit That Won’t Quit

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Track your ultimate day with SUUNTO 9 Peak Pro. Photo: courtesy SUUNTO media

Streamline durability beside dynamic performance; five words to frame the focus behind SUUNTO’S new 9 Peak Pro.

Meticulously engineered via entirely reusable energy, 9 Peak Pro beckons as a compact GPS sport watch to take the next mission to the next level.

Taking the adventure to the next level. Photo: P.M.Fadden

From Finland with love, SUUNTO’s team of exacting artisans have specifically crafted their 9 Peak Pro for maximum performance in any environment. From underwater to on top of a mountain, and capped with a reservation by the window; this newly unveiled, all-in-one rig is fully-capable of changing the game.

Attention to detail is apparent immediately in the 9 Peak Pro. Resourcing premium-grade materials, the design builds upon its award-winning predecessor, the 9 Peak. SUUNTO put the beat-down on it latest sport watch, all but throwing the actual kitchen sink at the curvaceous new unit, just to ensure it can take a lickin’ but keep on tickin’ (Pun intended).

The 9 Peak Pro is SUUNTO’s graduate thesis on in-destruct-o elegance, achieved with environmental responsibility.

Scandinavian to the bone, SUUNTO’s hawk-eyed priority upon “dotting all the i’s” is the groundwork behind the company’s innovation and subsequent success. And it’s been that way since this Finnish crew got cranking back in 1936. Today, SUUNTO is a go-to name in global adventuring with products and service ranging compasses, digital support networks, dive computers and, of course, tricked-out sport watches.

9 Peak Pro boasts a constellation of data strapped to the wrist. Photo: P.M.Fadden

Zeroing the lens back upon the 9 Peak Pro, specifically, this wrist-worn techno-wonder is a leading example in both premium production as well as environmental consciousness.

Manufacturing Highlights:

  • Tested to the highest military standard of toughness (*MIL-STD-810H)

  • – Slim & Trim: 1.2” screen size; 1.9oz grade-5 titanium body (steel versión, 2.26oz)

  • – Lowest carbon footprint in the GPS watch market: 16.5lb CO2e emissions in total life span

  • – Fully carbon compensated in a reforestation project with Verified Carbon Units (*validated by

  • the international verification program ensuring the quality of carbon offsetting projects) via

  • Tree-Nation

  • – Lightining fast charging + Three specialized Battery Modes.


SUUNTO pointing the way at Kings & Queens of Corbet’s ’23. Photo: P.M.Fadden

And the 9 Peak Pro is more than just a pretty face, along with its top-tier standard in manufacturing, this GPS juggernaut sports a significant quiver of features. There are nearly 100 sport mode options, plus ability to customize.

Performance Highlights:

  • – Barometric sensor

  • – Altitude & Compass orientation tracking

  • – Daily tracking of heart rate, blood oxygen, calories, etc

  • -Sleep as well as Stress sensor

  • – Route finding & Distance mapping (+ number of daily “Steps,” of course)

  • New snorkel-mode, tracking activity down to -33ft (waterproof down to -328ft)   

  • – Intuitive wireless software updates

Testing the unit in the field, 9 Peak Pro was unfazed by the elements.

Data reported normally and quickly on the sport watch’s digital face, despite temp. lows of -10 to -15 Fahrenheit.

Working on ‘Teton-Time.’ Photo: P.M.Fadden

At the 10,400ft summit of Rendezvous Mountain, smack dab in the middle of an aggressive snow-blender wind storm, the performance of the 9 Peak Pro is snap-quick, absolutely accurate, and never wavered. In truth, the sport watch arguably out-performed the numb human fingers attempting to operate its features.

And the light-weight yet heavy-duty rubber wrist band of the 9 Peak Pro means the unit holds tight, even under sudden (or volatile) force. This is particular handy when tomahawking down a face in thigh deep snow. SUUNTO can’t promise just about everything else won’t be lost in that yard sale, but its 9 Peak Pro will stay put.

Turning from outward-bound to the 9-to-5, the 9 Peak Pro is still a daily driver.

All day functionality. Photo: P.M.Fadden

The 9 Peak Pro notifies of in-coming calls, IM, or emails with audio as well as vibration alerts, and the clear, readable face displays those updates in large icons or text as soon they arrive. And it syncs easily and quickly with a personal device, so things like phones, iPad or Android tablets can remain safe and sound inside a pocket or pack.

SUUNTO’s 9 Peak Pro is established as the mission kit that won’t quit.

And the company wants to hand one out—for FREE.

Beginning tomorrow, February 27th and continuing til March 5th, the company—and world–celebrate SUUNTO Vertical Week. And there’s a 9 Peak Pro up for grabs.

Share your adventure and win! Photo: P.M.Fadden

During this week-long challenge, every adventurer out there is invited to share their vertical gains via the easy-to-use SUUNTO App in their public Instagram account. This all human-powered challenge may be achieved with running, riding, skiing, walking, or climbing.

Vertical Week has hooked the adventuring spirit of gnarly humans all across the world. The challenge has enjoyed nearly 100% increase in participation numbers over each of the past two years.

And this year a new and oh-so-styley SUUNTO 9 Peak Pro GPS sport watch waits at the finish line.

A recognized industry leader, SUUNTO pushes the bounds of performance recreation with cutting-edge technology—like the new 9 Peak Pro. And the Finnish company passes that tried-and-tested torch straight to the people in the form of gear that gets the job done in award-winning fashion.

That next mission is out there. And SUUNTO is ready.

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