Swedish Ski Resort Opens on Recycled Snow

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“White ribbon of death” Idre Fjall, Sweden. Photo Credit: Idre Fjall/Facebook

Idre Fjall Ski Resort, located in Western Sweden, is opening for the winter 20/21 season – using last year’s snow.

That’s right, Idre Fjall will be recycling snow they saved from last season to open up a single “white ribbon of death” to kick off the new winter season this Friday.

While attending the University of Colorado Boulder, I had my fair share of early-season “white ribbon of death” experiences at Arapahoe Basin. While Arapahoe Basin relies on its high altitude, north-facing slopes, and snowmaking, Idre Fjall took a different approach. They actually saved and preserved snow from last winter, in order to open a run early for this season.

Idre Fjall, Sweden. Photo Credit: Idre Fjall/Facebook

The ski resort isn’t open to the public just yet, only race training. Just looking at the pictures is truly something to see. I hate to admit it, but even with just a strip of snow, I’m jealous. Even though it’s minimal terrain, there’s always something special about linking your first turns of the season.

Thanks to the hard work, perseverance, and a little bit of ingenuity, Sweden is joining several other European ski resorts to open up for the winter 20/21 season.

Keep doing your snow dances people, winter is just around the corner.

Idre Fjall mid winter. Photo Credit: Idre Fjall/Facebook

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