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Crested Buttes Trent Bona knows how to get it done with bike photography. See the proof below:)

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The trails surrounding Fruita, CO are what initially inspired the mass migration of my friends caravanning from the mountains in search of dry single track each Spring. But now I am just as inspired to return each year for the camaraderie and campfire conversation that comes along with this annual riding adventure.

Rider: Ryan Harter

There is nothing quite like mountain biking on true high alpine singletrack. And when you can get to it as the sun rises over the Elk Mountains in the distance, well that is as good as it gets! 
Rider: Ryan Harter Location: Mt. Crested Butte, CO
Rider: Jack Fogelquist
For the last few years Grassroots Cycles in Grand Junction, CO has been throwing a really unique slopestyle competition, called Ranch Style, on a chunk of private property high above the Colorado National Monument. Huge, meticulously built and groomed features offer competitors multiple line choices while onlookers enjoy the action and a laid back vibe from the shade of the adjacent pinon pines.
Rider: Jack Fogelquist Location: The Ranch, Grand Junction, CO
Fall in the Rockies is an awesome time to be a bike photographer. The color of the changing aspens makes for an incredible back drop to any shot. 
Rides: Dave Bunt & Eliot Rosenberg Location: Crested Butte, CO
The hand laid rock armor on the trails at Rocky Knob Bike Park in Boone, NC is hard to believe until you see it under your own tires. Especially in this section of the Roman Road trail that drops off of the advanced skills zone. The entire bike park is a hand built work of art and should be included on any east coast riding trip!
Riders: Christian Jackson & Michael Thomas Location: Boone, NC
Last summer my good buddy Dave Bunt and I started scoping potentially rideable lines through avalanche shoots in the West Elk Mountains outside of Crested Butte. While they weren’t all good ideas, this particular day everything came together. Dave successfully carved his way down 1,500 feet of terrifyingly steep scree and rock to the barely visible singletrack below.
Moab’s portal trail is a must ride for any gravity mountain biking enthusiast. Steep technical moves through lots of red slick rock are rewarded by gorgeous views of the Colorado River canyon and downtown Moab a thousand feet below.  
Rider: Ryan Harter Location: Moab Utah
High atop Gooseberry Mesa lies a veritable playground for trail bikes. This particular trail hugs the top of the candy cane striped cliffs for miles offering infinite views of the desert below. 
Rider: Ryan Harter Location: Virgin, UT
Ants on a hill. During a shoot for Evolution Bike Park & Specialized, pro riders Brad Benedict and Curtis Keene successfully attempted to ride Crested Butte Mountain’s Peak Trail, a steep chunder filled trail normally only open to hikers. 
Riders: Brad Benedict & Curtis Keene Location: Mt. Crested Butte, CO
Summer bragging rights on the line. Eliot Rosenberg tucks and holds on tight during the annual spring on-snow DH bike race at Crested Butte Mountain Resort. Racers navigate over 1000 vertical feet of slushy ski slope to earn the cheers of the raucous crowd waiting at the base area finish.
Rider: Eliot Rosenberg Location: Mt. Crested Butte, CO 
Thank you Trent for the Photos and the Captions. More photos from Trent will appear in the near future.

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