Swell Saturdays: The Biggest, Smoothest 360 in Surf Comp History

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Julian Wilson’s amazing 10-point 360 that went down this past week in Portugal

The 2013 Moche Rip Curl Pro at Supertubos in Portugal went off last week.  Tubes, perfect skate ramps, and crazy airs abounded for the 34 best surfers on Earth.

22-year-old rookie Nat Young from Santa Cruz, California made it to the finals and got second place for this second time this year securing the Rookie of the Year spot.

Day 8 highlights from the Moche Rip Curl Pro in Portugal last week

33-year-old Kai Otten from Australia won the thing with consistent, solid surfing.

Julian Wilson stole the show, though with his enormous, perfect, smooth, clean, 360 that blew minds.

You’ve gotta watch this 3 to believe it.  We think it might even be a touch bigger than John John Florence’s big, smooth 3 from Bali this year.

John John’s $$ 360 from Bali this year

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