Swell Saturdays: Unbelievably Shacked in the Pacific

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{Every Saturday, we’re going to attempt to inspire you to get out and surf with a sharp Surf video that will speak to your heart.  SwellBrains.com is coming soon…}

The place in this video is so top secret, they won’t even tell us where it’s from in the Pacific.  Which is kinda weird.  We’d love to know where we’re lookin’ at.  New Caledonia?  Where do you guys think?

Jumping out the back
Jumping out the back

Regardless of where this is, it’s epic.  The kid with no shirt getting the best barrels of his life is 16 years old…  Most surfers will never surf this well.

We love clean, simple, great angle, videos of people getting barreled.  This video fits the bill.

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