Swell Saturdays: Roxy Girls Surf the World’s Best Artificial Wave

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The perfect artificial wave has been a dream since surfing first came to California in 1907.  In it’s actualization, it’s been hit and miss.  Mostly miss.

Wavegarden in Northern Spain has come the closest to making a great, rip-able wave.  The form of the wave is there, it’s just a touch small.  If they could make this exact same wave head high+, there wouldn’t be much reason to surf anywhere else…at least for a few days.

If we can get this artificial wave thing dialed, the level of surfing could sky rocket.  Images how ridiculous your wave counts would be and how much time on your board you’ve get in?  You’ve have free reign to experiment with new tricks and moves without worrying about the paddle back out or anything really.

The Roxy girls absolutely dominate Wavegarden and make it look damn fun.  We’d love to go check this thing out.

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One thought on “Swell Saturdays: Roxy Girls Surf the World’s Best Artificial Wave

  1. It is a sick little slow wave. Would be great if they could give it a touch more size and a short quick barrel section on the next one.

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