Swell Saturdays: Surfing Tubes at Night with a Lit-Up Surfboard in Spain

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When we think of perfect tubes we don’t necessarily think of Europe.  To be honest, we hardly think of Europe at all.  Every spot has its day, but Mundaka, Spain is different.  This place is mechanical, consistent, hollow, and packed.  If the wind is off-shore, the place looks like Indonesia as show in the video below.


The only real problem is the crowds at Mundaka.  The solution:  get a lite up surfboard and surf at night.  Aritz Aranburu figured this out and put it to work in the above video and it’s pretty cool to watch.  We know this is kinda risky, but we wanna see more of this in more exotic locales.

“Mundaka is well renowned world wide for its quality of surf. Huge swells roll in from the Bay of Biscay and slam into the rocky coastline of the Basque Country. The estuary at Mundaka has created a perfect sandbar which forms hollow waves that can be watched from the town’s harbor wall. Mundaka was formerly one of the sites of the World Championship Tour of Surfing.[1]

Some great surfers have marked their legacy on Mundaka such as Andy Irons, Taj Burrow, Bobby Martinez, Kelly Slater, Mark Occilupo and Joel Parkinson.”wikipedia


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  1. Nice videos. How can i get light surfboard? great idea on night surfing. hope , I will try it soon.


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