Tahoe Backcountry Alliance Issue ‘Think Twice Before You Park’ Warning

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Tahoe backcountry parking alert. Credit: Facebook

San Francisco Backcountry Skiers posted a PSA on their Facebook page yesterday, requesting that people ‘think twice before you park’.

Plow guys need a lot of room to maneuver, and cars parked at the side of roads just make these guy’s work even harder.

Tahoe BC skiers & riders. Be aware and be sensitive… There has been a spike in Tickets & Towing around the lake. Think twice before you park “where you’ve seen others park a hundred times” or “where I’ve never gotten a ticket before”. Plow guys need A LOT of room to turn around and have been pretty maxed out this month. Homeowners are also on edge and stressed… If they think you are jamming up their street they will call the authorities. Esp. at Emerald Bay gate area as well as Tinkers Court (used for Donner Lake runs), and Nez Perce/Wintoon (in Meyers) recently. With all of this snow, it’s difficult for everyone, especially CalTans , plow services and dedicated backcountry enthusiasts. We ask you be careful where you park, stay within designated area. If parking at end of road such as Jakes or Emerald Bay gate, please be conscious of leaving room for plows to turn around. If you’ve experienced parking or any other access issues to Tahoe Trailheads, please share them with us via direct message or email (board@tahoebackcountryalliance.org). Along with your information, please share supporting images and we’ll do our best to be the voice. Shred on!

And as we’ve already seen, cars can quickly become buried and lost, and plow guys won’t think twice before burying your car at the side of the road.

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Parked cars make the plow guys work even harder. Credit: CHP – Truckee

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2 thoughts on “Tahoe Backcountry Alliance Issue ‘Think Twice Before You Park’ Warning

  1. Seriously. Make sure your car is behind the snow stakes or past the fog line. That shovel in your pack can actually be used to dig out your spot! And please don’t be lazy and park parallel, or leave six feet between vehicles if it’s a busy day. Pack em in tight.

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