Tahoe Backcountry Report: Insane Vistas on a Sweet Sneaker Powder Day

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Report From March 9, 2021

After my vicious crash at Squaw on Thursday, I opted for some mellow powder skiing yesterday.

We went for a long walk on a crest of Lake Tahoe and the views alone were worth the view!

We walked slow, talked about life, and took a lot of photos.

Miles on top. image: dwanis

I always forget how spectacular this place is.

California is tough to beat…

We were worried about the ferocious east wind that was blowing at Squaw and Alpine but it wasn’t blowing where we went, which was nice.

Tahoe vistas. image: snowbrains

The snow near the ridge was wind-affected but wasn’t bad.

As soon as we got off the ridge the snow got good and stayed good for a long way down.

Near the bottom, it was survival skiing with not much new snow, a melt-freeze crust, thin snow cover, and lots of rocks and logs and branches sticking out.

Turquoise. image: snowbrains

Back at the car, we were stoked.

The conditions were way better than we’d anticipated and it appeared we accidentally nailed our location decision avoiding the east wind and finding good snow.

Thanks, Tahoe.

Tahoe vistas. image: snowbrains

Avalanche Forecast:

images: sierra avalanche center, 3/13/21

Weather Forecast:

image: noaa, 3/13/21


Miles happy on top. image: snowbrains
California has the largest pinecones on Earth. image: snowbrains
Those views tho… image: snowbrains
Tahoe vistas. image: snowbrains
Tahoe vistas. image: snowbrains
Tahoe vistas. image: snowbrains
Tahoe vistas. image: snowbrains
Tahoe vistas. image: snowbrains
Duane grinding up. image: snowbrains
Duane ready to drop. image: snowbrains
Kitchen views
Lake level views. image: snowbrains
Sunset. image: snowbrains

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