Brown Pow and Face-Shots, Biking is Still Ripping in Tahoe

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Behr enjoying the empty trails
Behr enjoying the empty trails

It’s finally that time of year again, it starts getting colder, snow dusts the mountain peaks, and Instagram and Facebook feeds are clogged with pictures of people getting their first turns of the season. With excitement building for the nearing ski season, it is easy to forget our two wheeled friend that has helped us get through our snow sliding withdrawals for months. So don’t trade out that bike for boards yet because the riding is still ripping with brown pow and empty trails. This weekend I decided to check out the riding for the first time since the last significant storm here in Tahoe, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised.


While the higher elevation trails are still harboring snow, riding is still possible, and damn fun. Faceshots while riding a bike is a new experience for me, and I must say it is pretty exhilarating. The lower elevation trails are free from the snow for the most part with brown pow still stashed in the shadows. White pow, brown pow, and good tacky dirt all on one ride is pretty exciting, and with the recent snow the trails are empty leaving all the goods to yourself. Autumn is arguably the best time of year to ride, so don’t let the recent snow scare ya, the riding around Tahoe is still ripping.




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3 thoughts on “Brown Pow and Face-Shots, Biking is Still Ripping in Tahoe

  1. For sure, the Rim Trail is riding pretty good, good amount of snow up high but still rideable and fun. And the trails on the Tahoe side of the Rim Trail that run down to KB are ripping pretty good.

  2. How about some info on what trails you actually rode and are rideable? No need to give specifics, the locals will know them by name.

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