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We all have a decent feel for how Tahoe works.  Clouds roll in, the wind blows, the lake has waves, and the light changes.  But, nothing creates a better understanding than seeing all these things occur in together and in fast-motion.  When the clouds and wind and waves and light all change simultaneously right before our eyes, we’re able to gather a deeper understanding of Lake Tahoe itself.

Lake Tahoe, CA from aoe
Lake Tahoe, CA from “Tahoe Blue”

Take the 1:37-mark in the video for example.  We’ve never seen how the waves on the lake and the wind above the lake move in unison.  To actually see the wind affecting the lake on a large scale in fast-motion is eye opening.  You can watch as each gust of wind grinds along the lakes surface, roughens the water, and pushes that rough patch 22 miles across the lake.

Josh Michaels’ “Tahoe Blue” is a wonder to behold and an educational experience for even the most die-hard Lake Tahoe local.

Lake Tahoe from "TBluahoe
Lake Tahoe from “Tahoe Blue”

from the horses mouth:

Beautiful views of Lake Tahoe captured between 2012 and 2013 by photographers Hal Bergman and Josh Michaels. From North Lake to South Lake to Emerald Bay, this video highlights some of the most beautiful spots in the region. Available in interactive form with AirPlay for iPad/iPhone and as Live Wallpaper for Mac (Mac App Store) and Android (Google Play) devices. – Josh Michaels

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