Tahoe Fund Donors Meet Tahoe Blue Vodka’s $100,000 Match to Clean Up the Lake

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The Tahoe Fund announced today that Tahoe Blue Vodka’s generous $100,000 match has been met, allowing the nonprofit Clean Up The Lake to begin its massive effort to remove trash around all 72-miles of Lake Tahoe this spring. Support to meet the match was overwhelming, with more than 135 businesses and people donating to the cause, including $25,000 from Vail Resorts.

Beneath the surface of Lake Tahoe, long known for its famed clarity and brilliant blue waters, thousands of pounds of trash are breaking apart and impacting the lake’s aquatic habitats. A SCUBA dive team of professionals and volunteers, spearheaded by Clean Up The Lake, now has the support it needs to begin an extraordinary effort to recover trash that has been accumulating untouched under the surface of the lake for decades.

Cleaning up Lake Tahoe one piece of garbage at a time. | Photo courtesy Tahoe Fund and Clean Up The Lake

Last summer, the first phase of the effort resulted in the recovery of over 2,200 pounds of trash from just six miles of Lake Tahoe. It solidified interest in expanding the project to include the entire circumference of the lake. Led by Colin West, Clean Up The Lake founder and executive director, the divers will begin the project in May and expect to have the cleanup completed by the end of October 2021.

“I am humbled and grateful to those who value this project and the effort to clean up the lake,” said West. “The support the Tahoe Fund was able to generate from organizations like Tahoe Blue Vodka and Vail Resorts, as well as from individual donors, has been tremendous. We can’t wait to get started!”

Scuba divers clean up Lake Tahoe from the bottom up. | Photo courtesy Tahoe Fund and Clean Up The Lake

Tahoe Blue Vodka’s award-winning spirit is made from Lake Tahoe’s pristine waters, so stepping up to support this effort was an easy decision for founder and CEO Matt Levitt.

“Since I started Tahoe Blue Vodka, our mission has always been to give back to organizations and efforts that work to protect Lake Tahoe,” said Levitt. “It’s incredible to see the passion that people have for protecting the lake’s clarity and how matching donations like this one can inspire people to give back and make a difference.”

“We are in awe of how quickly the community stepped up to ensure this project met its funding goal so that it can move forward. We are so thankful to Tahoe Blue Vodka for their inspiring matching donation,” said Paul Felton, Tahoe Fund board member. “The passion for Lake Tahoe is undeniable, and we look forward to the kick-off of this massive cleanup effort in the spring.”

Learn more about the project and how to volunteer on dives at www.tahoefund.org.

So. Much. Trash. | Photo courtesy Tahoe Fund and Clean Up The Lake

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