Tahoe Fund Supports Another Season of SOS Outreach 

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Credit: Tahoe Fund

Grant will expand the outdoor youth program’s impact in Lake Tahoe.

The Tahoe Fund is proud to announce that it will continue its support of SOS Outreach, a nonprofit that provides opportunities for underserved youth to experience the outdoors while participating in a mentorship program designed to prepare them for life’s challenges. The Tahoe Fund’s support will expand the program’s impact in Lake Tahoe, where more than 585 kids learn to ski and snowboard, learn leadership skills, and understand the importance of protecting the environment through service projects each year. In the summer months, they participate in mountain biking, backpacking, and kayaking. Off the slopes, they engage in social service projects that help improve their local community.

Over the past ten years, SOS programs have led to more kids graduating from high school, attending college, finding careers, and giving back to their communities. 96% of SOS youth plan to attend college, and 61% return to mentor peers. Staff of the Tahoe Fund have also served as mentors in the program since 2017.

“At its core, our programs are meant to encourage a deep sense of belonging for underserved youth in our outdoor community. Through positive mentorship and the power of community, our kids feel empowered to engage in service projects, learn leadership skills, and are mentally and emotionally equipped to handle all that life throws their way. What starts as just learning to ski or snowboard, soon transpires to tangible life skills that these kids will use for years. We’re incredibly thankful for the continued partnership of the Tahoe Fund and our community of supporters who make this work possible.”

– Heather Schwartz, North Lake Tahoe Program Manager

“The SOS Outreach program supports the Tahoe Fund’s mission to use the power of philanthropy to improve the Lake Tahoe environment for all to enjoy. Making these outdoor opportunities available to the next generation is critical to the long-term sustainability of special places like Lake Tahoe. It is also a wonderful opportunity for our staff to participate as mentors and see firsthand how impactful the program is.”

– Amy Berry, Tahoe Fund CEO

SOS Outreach is looking for positive adult mentors and volunteers! If you love to ski or snowboard and want to support local youth, this is your program. Reach out to Heather Schwartz, North Lake Tahoe Program Manager, at hschwartz@sosoutreach.org.

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