Tanner Hall Joins the Ruroc Team

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tanner hall, Ruroc
Tanner Hall. Credit: Ruroc

Tanner Hall just announced that he is joining the Ruroc team, a couple of months after being dropped by his 20-year sponsor Oakley.

Tanner competed last weekend on the first stop of the Freeride World Tour, earning a second place finish in Hakuba, Japan. It was announced in May last year that he would be joining this year’s tour as a wildcard entry.

“I’m stoked. I didn’t crash and made it to the bottom,” he said.

tanner hall, Ruroc
Tanner Hall joins the Ruroc team. Credit: Instagram

The result coincided with the announcement of his sponsorship by Ruroc, a brand that, fittingly, also has been known to create a fair few headlines.

A new era has begun. Tanner Hall joins the Ruroc team! @Tannerhall420 🙌 #SkiBoss #Ruroc #tannerhall

T-Hall joins 2018 FWT winner Mickael Bimboes and team members LJ Strenio and Andy Parry on Ruroc. In Andy’s words: “I have been waiting for this all my life. RUCREW!”

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