Tanner Hall Moves Past Oakley Onto Pit Viper Team

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Tanner Hall Pit Viper
Tanner Hall Joins Pit Viper Team — Credit: NEWSCHOOLERS

Tanner Hall, the freeskiing superstar also known as Ski Boss, has officially partnered with sunglasses brand Pit Viper just one year after suddenly being dropped by Oakley following their twenty-year partnership. Hall has been dominating the freeriding world since 1999 and despite sustaining many horrific injuries in past years he shows no signs of slowing down any time soon, so it shocked many when Oakley decided to terminate their sponsorship. Although he did express his disappointment online, Hall didn’t let it phase him and by January 2019 he was already working with another giant helmet and glasses brand, Ruroc.

Hall’s new partnership with Pit Viper comes just after he was announced to be on the lineup for the Freeriding World Tour 2020. FWT has some of the biggest athletes in the freeriding world and last year Hall was able to grab second place in Hakuba, Japan in his incredible comeback to competitive freeskiing after taking almost five years to recover from his injuries and other personal challenges. In the past few years Hall has also thrown himself into the art of his craft, producing multiple award-winning short films including “Triumph“, “Here After“, and “In The Meantime“.

Tanner Hall Freeskiing
Tanner Hall Throws Himself Into The Backcountry — Credit: Will Wissman, FREESKIER

Pit Viper is an innovative and fast-growing new sunglasses company dedicated to creating products that are “the optimal blend of style and performance“, perfect for adventurers who love to have fun and want the world to see them look good doing it. Similarly, Ruroc is also focused on providing technologically superior and functional gear, with some serious style thrown in. With Hall’s new adventures further developing his unique and individual style both in skiing and other areas, this seems like a match made in heaven. Keep an eye out, 2020 looks like a good year for Tanner Hall!

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