[VIDEO] Tanner Hall Pulls Out of Freeride World Tour After Hitting Tree in Utah

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Tanner Hall will, unfortunately, miss a solid chunk of time after injuring his shoulder and quad in a ski crash. (Image: Frozen Ambrosia)

Tanner Hall suffered an unfortunate injury that will keep him off the slopes for an extended period of time. The legendary skier was skiing near Alta, Utah, when he collided with a group of trees while attempting to jump over them, hitting them head-on in brutal fashion. The video of the unfortunate crash is attached below, however, viewers should be warned the video is hard to watch.

Hall offered his thoughts regarding the crash on his Instagram page. He writes:

“Yesterday was one of the scariest moments on my skis ever. I was trying to goalpost the trees and I have never misjudged speed as bad as I did on this one. If I was going 15 mph faster I would of had it and I thank god my aim was on point cause if I was a few inches to the left or right it could have been terrible……My right leg on the quadricep is really bruised and I’m so thankful my femer is all good and I’m walking with no problems but my shoulder took a serious hit and I have a non displaced fracture on my right shoulder blade. It’s gonna be 6 to 8 weeks of healing time which means I will not be able to go to @kickinghorsemtn for the Freeride World Tour stop. Gonna see a shoulder specialist asap to make sure nothing else is going on but I’m confident it’s gonna be all good just gonna do the smart thing and go see a doctor I trust, and I have the best physical therapist in the world who will help out the process @jesstidswell. Huge thank you to @thekidagain @borja_azurmendi and @pushnpz for helping me get down to the truck and to the hospital, love you guys and I will keep everyone updated on the recovery. @armadaskis @ruroc_snow @mgg.ski @tyroliabindings #skiboss #lucky #shouldhavegonefaster #stillskiedaway Biggest shout out to my love @melissapmarizzle for driving me up to park city to get the X-rays and cat scans, then taking me to Benihana after the hospital for one helluva meal ❤️!”

Despite the severity of his injuries, it’s good to see Tanner in good spirits. It’s safe to say that this crash could have ended much worse for Tanner, especially if he had broken his femur. It’s definitely a bummer that we won’t be able to watch him compete at the Freeride World Tour, but a 6-8 week healing timeline is truly a blessing after a crash like that. We wish Tanner the best of luck in achieving a speedy recovery and getting back on the slopes as soon as possible!

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