Tanner Pendelton Comes Out and Makes History as Industry’s First Openly Gay Snowboarder

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Tanner Pendleton, gay,
Tanner Pendleton. Credit: Method Mag

Snowboarder and filmmaker Tanner Pendleton came out earlier this week in an interview with Torment magazine. It is thought he is the first openly gay male in snowboarding.

“For me, ever since I was really young, I knew. But it was something that the world told me was bad—so I kept it bottled up in a way, you know?”

– Tanner Pendleton, Torment interview

In the interview, conducted by his close friend Java Fernandez, Pendleton admitted he had known since a young age but kept it bottled up for fear of being disowned by family, friends, and that he’d lose his job.

“He was the first of his peers in snowboarding to have come out. In fact, he may very well be the first male in the snowboard industry to come out.”

– Java Fernandez

Since the article published, he has praised the positive reaction he has received. Pendleton is well-known for his raw and aggressive style of snowboarding films.

Credit: @tannerpendleton

Off the back of the article, Torment has since followed up with pieces on three other snowboarders who have also come out. Kennedi Deck, Chad Unger, and Jill Perkins are all profiled by the magazine.

Previously, Australian snowboarder Belle Brockhoff was the only openly LGBTQ+ persons in the snowboarding industry. Brockhoff came out prior to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Tanner Pendleton, gay,
Credit: @tannerpendleton
Tanner Pendleton, gay,
Credit: @tannerpendleton

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