Taos Ski Valley, NM, Adds Electric Snowmobiles to its Fleet

Matt Scribner |
Taos has continued its long-standing commitment to net neutrality with this purchase (Image: SnoRiders)

Taos Ski Valley, a world-class resort in New Mexico, has purchased a new fleet of electric snowmobiles. The machines were bought from the Canadian-based company Taiga, which is creating innovation in the snowmobile industry at a truly impressive rate.

Taos initially purchased nine snowmobiles from Taiga, and they plan to further integrate these non-combustion-based machines into its operations. The goal is to eventually transition to 100% electric-based engines to limit the impact of climate change on a resort located in a fragile area for snowpack. The resort plans to continue testing the machines in all aspects of resort-related performance to evaluate their effectiveness, but so far has been very pleased with the high quality of Taiga’s products. It is no secret that gas-powered engines hurt the natural environment, and Taos is putting its money where its mouth is by committing to help protect the environment by severely reducing its carbon footprint.

Taos has already been certified by Climate Impact Partners as a Carbon Neutral company, a truly remarkable achievement for a resort of size and scale. This action is one of many steps they have taken to achieve their goal of net neutrality by 2030, meaning the resort is operating in a state of net zero carbon dioxide emissions. Hats off to Taos Ski Valley for investing in the environment that we all love and recreate in, as we would not be able to derive the joy we do from it without ski resorts taking important steps to protect it like this one.

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