TGR Unveils Tour Details & World Premiere For New Film Mountain Revelations With Jeremy Jones

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Teton Gravity Research (TGR) has announced the world premiere and tour dates for the highly anticipated film Mountain Revelations. Featuring three elite athletes from wildly different backgrounds who converge on the mountains of Alaska to share their stories, Mountain Revelations combines epic lines on steep and unforgiving terrain with equally difficult conversations and candid reflections on diversity issues in the outdoors.

Mountain Revelations follows Ryan Hudson, Rafael Pease, and Jeremy Jones on a ten-day human-powered mission in a remote corner of Alaska’s Chugach Mountain Range. Within these wild Alaskan Mountains, the realities and stark disparity of these athletes’ respective journeys are revealed through candid and honest reflection that makes the challenge of the mountains pale in comparison.

“Mountain Revelations is an important story to tell, revolving around the journeys of Ryan, Rafael, and Jeremy. They are each incredible athletes with their own unique experiences, but snowboarding unites them. And the mountains are a perfect backdrop for their conversations about the challenges in their lives, and for making meaningful connections with one another, despite the differing paths that took them here.”

– TGR co-founder Steve Jones

The stories of Mountain Revelations’ three athletes could not be more different. Jones is the world’s preeminent big mountain snowboarder after growing up on Cape Cod, while Pease grew up between Miami, Texas, and Chile and developed into a young, elite mountain explorer. Hudson grew up on the streets of San Diego before finding a better life in the mountains. Mountain Revelations showcases each man’s story while addressing the hurdles – institutional racism, access issues, representation issues, tokenism, and more.

“I don’t know if I ever actively thought about having a path in life when I was a kid. You know it took a lot for me to get to this point where I can live my passion and exist in this space … I want to continue to own that and show people that I belong here and people like me belong here.”

– Ryan Hudson

“Mountain Revelations” showcases their stories while addressing the hurdles – institutional racism, lack of access to opportunity, wealth disparity, and more – that were overcome along the way. Within these wild Alaskan Mountains, the realities and stark disparity of their respective journeys are revealed with a candidness and honest reflection that makes the mountain challenges pale compared to the everyday challenges that too many people continue to face every day.

“By no means did we intend to say that we’re speaking on behalf of the entire BIPOC community because that’s pretentious bullshit. It was more about giving these particular athletes a platform to be heard, to connect, and to talk to each other. And I think a lot of the problems in the world today are due to a lack of meaningful communication, the kind of conversation that can only happen around a fire or deep in the woods.”

– Drew Holt, Producer of the new film Mountain Revelations, from Teton Gravity Research

TGR has announced that Mountain Revelations will be touring across the globe beginning this fall. The film’s world premiere will be on October 27 at La Paloma Theatre in Encinitas, Calif. A complete list of tour dates is available here (and below).

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