Tasmania Experiences Coldest Morning Ever Recorded | First Snow in Living Memory for Many Residents

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Tasmania just recorded its coldest morning EVER on record and residents of the southern Australian island state woke to find about an inch of snow on the ground this morning, following an unusually cold spell in the region.

The previous cold record was 8ºF (-13.0C) in Tarraleah Village on the 30th of June 1983 but this was smashed this morning when the mercury fell to 6.44ºF (14.2C) in Liawanee.

tasmania, snow
The first snow in living memory for many residents. Credit: Facebook

Shocked residents have taken to social media to share images of what is a rare sight in southern Australia. Snow is often seen on the nearby mountain peaks, but snow at this level is the first in living memory for many.

“We stayed up all night, too excited to sleep! Very rare. It’s never snowed here in the city that I know of … not in my lifetime, anyway.”

– Launceston resident told CNN

The snow came right on time, too as Tasmania just had its driest July on record since 1957, according to the Bureau of Meteorology, Tasmania.

Tasmania, australia
Tasmania, Australia
Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

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