#TBT VIDEO: Mike Wilson’s 100′ Double Backflip at Squaw 2011

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Remember Mike Wilson?  Double backflips off the Palisades in 2006?  Double backflips off Glory Rock in 2011?  Double backflips off The Kitchen Wall Cliffs in 2011?  Double Backflips off The Fingers in 2011?  Double backflips off just about anything he can find?

I ran into Mike one day in 2006 and he said:

“I’ve hit 3 jumps today and done 6 flips”

Yeah, that guy.

This video shows us a day in 2011 when Mike did a 100′ double backflip off The Fingers.  I saw it in person and it was absolutely insane.  He hit so hard that he wasn’t able to ski for a month after this day.  There was only about 4″ of fresh snow on hardpack this day.

2011 was the La Nina year where Squaw got 811″ of snow on the upper mountain where they average 450″ of snow.

This video is a reminder of how badass Squaw is.  There’s no ski resort with this kind of quality air/good landing potential.

“Here at Squallywood, it is important to compete with each other as well as ourselves while out on the mountain…No powder day at Squaw would be complete without a little attitude thrown around and some egos to stroke and crush…On a testing ground of such incomprehensible sickness, and with a cast of riders so loaded with talent, how does one compare themselves?” – Shane McConkey

It’s time for the snow to return to Squaw and for the boys to return to the skies of Squaw.

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