VIDEO: Follow Ted Ligety Perform Perfect GS Turns

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As a 2x Olympic Champ, 5x World Champ, and the co-founder and chairman of SHRED, Ted Ligety isn’t afraid to log long days at the office. Here’s a brief glimpse of Ted training while also testing new products and technology. We dare you to keep up with him…

Filmed at Deer Valley, this follow-cam video provides a fresh perspective on how one of the greatest skiers of all time attacks the course while laying down perfect turns. And like his racing, Ted approaches SHRED. with the same commitment to passion, innovation, and thinking outside the box. After struggling to find products that truly met his needs, Ted started SHRED. in 2006. He credits the brand–which makes helmets, eyewear, and protective equipment–for furthering his success on the course and redefining what’s possible on the mountain.

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