Teton Mountains Wy-Daho, Conditions Report: Storm Action and Solitude

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The Tetons have felt like a personalized storm sesh. Photo: Powder Day Photography

Report from Dec. 6 through 9, 2022

Skiers and snowboards of the Teton Mountains have enjoyed one helluva week. And there’s more in store.

Zesty storm pockets have been ping-ponging around the Teton summits, dropping anything from a couple of inches to a handful on top of the ‘GHEE and JHMR.

Workable in the trees at Grand Targhee Resort. Photo: P.M.Fadden

And Wind has been the playful friend of the Storm Rider this week.

Thanks to a fair bit of bluster, those few inches falling day-to-day have been herded onto south-facing aspects of Teton slopes for deeper, delightfully refreshed lines.

Snowpack is the dry, grip-and-rip variety that makes for super fun, splashy turns—not to mention helpful base-building.

Visibility’s been ‘choosy’ as clam chowder clouds have bullied in and out of the Teton Mountains, but that’s made the bright flashes in between the thick stuff shine all the more.

Thunder Chairlift at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort opened Saturday. Photo: P.M.Fadden

Big news out of the Tetons is the Saturday opening of the new Thunder Chairlift at the one-and-only Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. The stoke has been steadily building to see this famed lift live (and spin) again. And there’s an official ribbon cutting planned for Dec. 17th.

Bluebird between storms, and nobody home. Photo: P.M.Fadden

As for the mention of solitude, perhaps that most of all has been the week’s most pleasant surprise.

Maybe we’ve just gotten lucky, but this past week of Teton skiing has been sparsely populated at best.

If we’ve crossed another rider, invariably it’s been one of the Fellas who, like us, has wisely sidestepped work for a day of play.

We look forward to seeing you out there too!







Grand Targhee Resort standings


Jackson Hole Mountain Resort standings

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