Teton Mountains, Wy-Daho; Have Snow Will Ski!

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In it for the love in the Teton Mountains. Photo: P.M.Fadden

Report from the week of May 15 thru 19, 2023

Make no mistake, winter’s coming around to calling it quits in the Tetons, for sure, but the hills aren’t dry yet.

For those keen on a quiet walk, there are stashes a’plenty, especially to northerly faces or along the summits.

And anyway, we’re pretty easy sells when it comes to chasing slushy snowfields just waiting in plain sight.

Treasure Mountain, shining in the late-day sun. Photo: P.M.Fadden
The Teton’s west faces hold their own under May heat. Photo: P.M.Fadden

Despite a temp spike that really took hold for the first time this past week, sun-compacted snow layers remain even at mid-low elevation of the Tetons, so it’s (almost) a straight-laced tour from start to finish.

To be totally honest, the walk really is a delight. No need for any of that pesky winter weather gear to weigh us down and lots of wildlife to watch, all of which are clearly puzzling over we curious humans.

(Almost) a straight-laced tour. Photo: P.M.Fadden
Filled with gratitude for another day in the Tetons. Photo: P.M.Fadden

As for what might wait at the Teton summits, we’re not sure there were any expectations. But the depth we found was a pleasant surprise, for sure.

And the vistas certainly satisfy, albeit as enjoyed through the smoke advisory currently in place for the region. (Wildfires. Oh well.)

Here we stop for quiet contemplation (& snacks). Photo: P.M.Fadden
Haze can’t hide this beauty. Photo: P.M.Fadden

The snow surface is dirty, slushy, and understandably slow, so it’s backseat steering the whole way down. But be assured, the Teton Mountains are no less worth every effort.

Best get after it while the gettin’ is still to be got, ha!



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