Teton Mts, WY Backcountry Report: South-Faces Aren’t Exactly Corn…

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The Grand Teton in the distance. image: snowbrains

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Report from December 8th, 2020

Sweat dripping off my nose…

All my vents open.

Sun on my back.

Corn? image: snowbrains

I didn’t think it would be so warm out there today but it most certainly was – above the inversion that is.

It was -2ºF at my house in the morning and 30ºF at 10,000′.

I climbed up a south-facing slope and decided to descend the same aspect considering how hot it was and how I was skiing corn in the sun at Jackson Hole ski resort’s south faces yesterday afternoon.

Summit selfie. image: snowbrains

I was kinda right…

The best turns I had were in corn on due south aspects but there was also ice, funk, munk, old pow, and just about everything in between.

Honestly, today was mostly for the workout as I was relatively confident the skiing was going to be lousy.

I do think that there is still some good snow hiding in north-facing aspects out there but I’m not sure if I’m motivated enough just yet to seek them out…

Right after this, I zipped over to Jackson Hole ski resort and the resort was skiing great.

Vistas. image: snowbrains

Avalanche Forecast:

image: jhavalanche.org, 12/8/20


Vistas. image: snowbrains
This is what I skied on… image: snowbrains
Huh? image: snowbrains

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