Teton Mts, WY Report: -14ºF, a Long Walk, a Short Ski, & Gorgeous Views

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Pete headed down. image: snowbrains

Report  from February 21st, 2020

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On Friday, I went for a long walk and a short ski with Pete.

The temperature was -14ºF when we left the car and it stayed that way for the first 2-hours of our climb.

Eventually, we finally broke through the cold air pool and into the warmth above the inversion.

The rest of the climb was gorgeous.

Impressive, vertical, sun-drenched mountains on all sides.

We skied down fun, predictable, wind-pressed snow.

Pete horizon. image: snowbrains

Below 9,000′, the snow turned to powder and we schnoodled our way to the bottom.

By the time we got back to the car the temperatures were much nicer than when we had left it that morning.


Wind…. image: snowbrains
Peaks. image: snowbrains
Pete on the last pitch. image: snowbrains

The last bit. image: snowbrains
Pete where we finally broke thru into the warmth. image: snowbrains

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