Teton Pass, WY, Speed Limit to Be Reduced to 45mph From 55mph

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New speed limit on Teton Pass, WY. Credit: WYDOT

Following a speed study last summer, the Wyoming Department of Transportation proposes reducing the speed limit on Teton Pass from 55mph to 45mph. Pending approval, the new limit will cover the stretch of road between the Coal Creek parking area west of Teton Pass and Old Pass Road on the east.

The speed study was requested by the Teton County Board of County Commissioners and Teton Backcountry Alliance over concerns about safety on the pass summit, especially during winter when it is a popular parking area for backcountry skiers, reports the Jackson Hole News & Guide.

The study concluded that although drivers already slowed below the 55mph limit at the summit, most rounded the summit at 49mph during summer and 42mph in winter. WYDOT sets speed limits within 5mph of how quickly 85% of people drive along a given stretch of road.

“People were driving that speed already, and also it’s a different environment. The grade and the curves, they kind of control what’s going on regardless of anything else.”

– Darin Kaufman, WYDOT District Traffic Engineer

WYDOT also recommended renovating road signs to improve safety and also warn motorists of pedestrians. The 55mph speed signs will be replaced in September with 45mph ones.

The stretch of the pass having the speed limit reduced.

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