Teton Range, WY Report: 42″ Storm Total, Deep Turns, Fun Hucks

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Report from January 28, 2023

Yesterday was a wild one in the Teton Mountains of Wyoming.

Local ski areas were reporting 42″ of storm snow yesterday morning.

Deep snow, fun hucks, good friends.

Miles in the pow. image: snowbrains

We got out there around noon and the sun was in and out – so was the snow.

We skied until 5:30pm.

The snow had a funky upsidedown, heavy feel in spots.

Owen. image: snowbrains

In other spots it just felt heavy and dense.

In other spots if felt like great pow.

It was a blast following my buddy Owen Leeper around and jumping off cliffs into 4′ deep snow.

Amazing day in the Tetons!

Rocks. image: snowbrains


image: jhavalanche.org, 1/29/23


image: noaa, 1/29/23

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