Teton Range, WY Report: Bluebird Powder Skiing in Deep Snow & Sunshine

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Report from February 17, 2021

The sun finally came out after what feels like weeks without it.

It was glorious.


Dreamscape. image: snowbrains

We skied two laps and ironically, only one of them was in the shade but the one in the sun was stupendous.

The snow was deep and the spray coming off our skis looks beautiful in the sunlight.

We hiked, skied, laughed, and even dropped a few airs.

Rugged terrain. image: snowbrains

We kept our skiing below 9,000′ today.

We saw an absolutely huge avalanche up high around 10,500′ from a distance.

It appeared to have a crown that was over 10′ deep in spots.

Vistas. image: snowbrains

It looked terrifying.

It was big and scary enough that we believe we’ll continue to keep our skiing & riding below 9,000′ again tomorrow.

Be careful out there.

Let’s all think about taking it down a notch or two.

It’s been a horrible few weeks for avalanche accidents in the USA.

Owen pointing it out. image: snowbrains

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Avalanche Forecast:

image: JHavalanche.org, 2/17/21

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image: noaa, 2/17/21

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3 thoughts on “Teton Range, WY Report: Bluebird Powder Skiing in Deep Snow & Sunshine

  1. So, Miles, what happened to the other yellow Scott Scrapper? Did it become a Scott “Scraper?”

    1. Hello Mark, thanks for the question. I broke one of each of those skis. The orange ones are my from 2 seasons ago are were my rock skis last season, the yellow ones are from last season and are my rock skis this season. Now I broke one of each so I put the good 2 rock skis left and it looks kinda fun :). I’m finally getting my new black Scott Scrappers for this season mounted tomorrow but I’m nervous as I’m still hitting lots of rocks. thx again

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