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Report from January 22, 2021

It was forecast to snow 3-5″ of snow last night in the Tetons.

We awoke to reports of 14″ at Jackson Hole and it was definitely a lot deeper than that in spots.

It was bizarre in a way because the snow was very light and it came down at 13:1 ratios but it was hot out there.

As hot as 37ºF at around 6,200′.

In steeper terrain, you’d still hit the old, hard snow underneath a lot.

In less steep terrain, you’d float like a butterfly.

It’s still boney out there so please be careful.

I hit a lot of rocks and logs today.

The snowpack in the Tetons is at 85% of average to date.

A wildly fun day out there today.

This should be a fun few days in the Tetons as the sun comes out.

I did get a picnic table-sized slab of snow to break off today in a steep, convex zone on a ski cut and it didn’t run far.

Sluff in steep zones was prolific.

The mountains have received 10 to 14 inches of new snow since yesterday morning. West-southwest winds have formed pockets of fresh wind slab on leeward aspects. Humans who venture onto steep avalanche prone slopes at the mid and upper elevations could trigger soft slab avalanches and loose snow sluffs. These slides could be large enough to seriously injure and bury people. This new snow and wind has also increased the load on persistent weak layers. This new load may increase the potential for humans to trigger large persistent slab avalanches. Avalanches are unlikely at the lower elevations except for small pockets on isolated terrain features. A careful evaluation of the the snow and terrain is warranted. Practice safe travel techniques.

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image: nrcs, 1/22/21

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