Teton Range, WY Report: Faceshots, Backflips, & Really Long Chutes

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Report from February 13, 2021

We awoke today to find 17″ of new snow in the past 24-hours.

The first 7″ was heavier snow, the second 10″ was dry – the perfect recipe for face-shots and good hucking snow.

We started off the day with 2 long chutes in deep powder snow at high speeds.

Fox trots #1. image: snowbrains


We ended the day with mini hucks and a couple of fun backflips.

We’re exhausted after 2 stellar days…

We triggered a small avalanche today with a ski cut at the top of a chute we later skied at about 8,500′.  The avalanche was about 6″ deep and 30′ wide and it ran about 300-vertical-feet.

Fox trots #2. image: snowbrains

Another group told us that they triggered an avalanche that was 18″ deep that ran a long way.

Steeper terrain was definitely suspect today and had to be approached with caution and ski cuts if at all.

Fox trots #3. image: snowbrains

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