Teton Range, WY Report: One of the Deepest Days of Our Lives…

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Report from February 19, 2021

Yesterday was one of the top 10 deepest days we’ve ever skied…

We awoke yesterday morning to reports of 5″ of new snow.

That may have been true, but then it snowed about 2″ per hour for a few hours then mellowed out to only 1″ per hour for a few more hours.

The snow was deep, dry, and exquisite.

At one point you can hear me shout out “this is a life-altering experience.”

It was.

We skied 4 runs and every run was crazy deep.

Especially our last 2 runs where we skied protected trees where the snow was stacking up at an insane pace.

At one point, our sluff hit us while we were skiing and it didn’t push us at all.

The snow was just so light and dry and low density that the sluff had no mass.

It just hit us, filtered between our legs and billowed up in the air.

We were blinded by smokey snow frequently yesterday.

The day was just simply bonkers…

I showed up tired and doing a 24-hour fast with the plan of skiing one quick run.

The incredibly deep snow and hammering snowfall energized me in a way I haven’t been energized in a long time.

I ended up finding myself heading back uphill again and again.

Yesterday was a day I won’t soon forget.

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