Teton Range, WY Report: Skiing a Big Chute in the Tetons in Funky Snow

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Report from February 2, 2023

Yesterday was my last day in the Tetons.

But I’ll be back soon…

Richard and I walked out to a killer chute we hadn’t skied yet this season.

I may have spent more time in this zone with Richard than with anyone else.

He knows every chute in this area.

The road to UT. image: snowbrains

I dropped first and the first couple of turns were OK.

Then, it got windboardy and breakable…

I ran out into the deeper snow on the side of the chute and the funky snow inhaled my left ski.

I couldn’t get it out!

I tried to ballerina, but it didn’t work, I sweared, and tumbled.

In the rest of the chute, I was ready for the weird snow.

I flexed every muscle of my core, grunted a lot, tried to hop between turns, and successfully made it to the apron.

The apron held real powder snow.

Burn. image: snowbrains

I made a ton of turns in the apron just to milk that good snow to the end.

From there, I said goodbye to Richard as he went to grab his BASE rig and to a ski base like the wild animal he is.

I jumped into my rental car and drove the lovely drive back to Park City, UT with my shirt off and the sun on my chest for some mid-winter vitamin D in 12ºF temps.

Park City, UT. image: snowbrains

The drive was easy except for dodging a few mule deer.

Never do this drive at night the animals are big (deer, moose, elk, antelope) and everywhere.

Not much beats Jackson Hole.

I can’t wait to be back soon.

Thanks, Jackson!


image: jhavalanche.org, 2/2/23


image: noaa, 2/3/23

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