First Descent on Yosemite Peak in Grand Teton National Park

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This video shows our buddies Dorian Densmore and Brandon Gust doing a traverse of the Tetons and doing a first descent of a couloir off of Yosemite Peak. Dorian put together a little trip report of the adventure on his blog.

“Brandon n Dorian Traversed the Tetons and put down a new Yosemite ski root on the way. Classic.” -Greg Collins (the guy who skied the north face of the Grand)

Dorian Densmore entering the first crux on the “Yosemite-Cham” coulior in Grand Teton National Park. He and Brandon Gust established this new ski route on Yosemite Peak April 12th, 2013.

We Left from Alta, WY at 9 am and headed out on our way over the Tetons to hit a new coulior we had been looking at. ‘It looked really skinny, but also like it just might be skiable.’” – Dorian Dunsmore

(Editor’s note, the Tetons are “plastered with snow” right now and looking all time.  If you’ve ever wanted a shot at skiing the Tetons, this could be your year.)

Impressive work gentlemen.

teton traverse
Brandon ‘B-Dogg’ Gust on the way up.


teton traverse
The light at the end of the tunnel.

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