Teva Best Trick Photos and Results | 2013 Whistler Crankworx Coverage

Eric Behn | CycleCycle

Photos by Chris Pilling | Words by Eric Behn

Slopestyle riders came out Thursday to compete in the Teva Best Trick Contest. In the attempt to land the most difficult, stylish trick possible, riders dropped in on some of the Boneyards wildest features. Riders each took one run in an organized order as their first run then followed with a one hour jam formate. With $10,000 on the line, no one was holding back.


1 – Mike Montgomery – Back Flip / Bar Hop to Tail Whip
2 – Yannick Granieri – Back Flip Double Tail Whip
3 – Nicolai Rogatkin – Cash Roll
4 – Cam McCaul
5 – Sam Dueck
6 – Tom Van Steenbergen


Despite a midweek competition, the crowd came out in large numbers.                              Chris Pilling Photo
The Jam formate meant a more social event for riders.                                                            Chris Pilling Photo
A Flip Tuck No Hander high above the Boneyard.                                                                   Chris Pilling Photo
A textbook Flip Whip from Mitch Chuby.                                                                                    Chris Pilling Photo
Cam McCaul with a Flip Superman Seatgrab.                                                                          Chris Pilling Photo
Nicolai Rogatkin lands a Cashroll in his second ever mountain bike event.                       Chris Pilling Photo
Rogatkin getting big-ups from a fellow competitor for his Cashroll.                                      Chris Pilling Photo
Yannick Granieri took second, Mike Montgomery first, and Nicolai Rogatkin third.            Chris Pilling Photo
Mike Mo’ taking a bit. First place for this warrior.                                                                       Chris Pilling Photo




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