Texas Man Survives 5-Days Trapped in Wrecked Car After Veering Off Road and Crashing

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The wrecked car. He was lucky to survive the crash, nevermind the following 5-days. Credit: ABC

A Texas man somehow survived five days trapped in his wrecked car deep in the woods after veering off the road and crashing into a heavily vegetated area at the end of June, according to news reports.

Jose Velazquez, 32, was returning home after a Tuesday night out with his fiancee at a bar on Main Street in Houston, TX. They parted ways and it wasn’t until the next morning that she received a call from Velazquez’s family about his disappearance.

He was nowhere to be found until Sunday, when his phone pinged in The Woodlands, according to a police report. Volunteers from Texas EquuSearch were about 10 minutes from halting their search efforts when someone spotted the white bumper of Velazquez’s car. The vehicle was turned over and wedged between thick vegetation, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Velazquez was still inside the car — and alive — though he’d suffered possible bone fractures and was severely dehydrated.

“The car just plunged into the woods and nobody could see it if they were driving by,” David White, of the search organization, told the paper.

Velazquez was conscious and talking when he was rushed to Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Medical Center, where his fianceé met him, according to the report.

“I don’t know how he [survived] the initial wreck, let alone as bad as he was injured five days later … to still be alive … that’s why we do what we do,” Texas EquuSearch founder Tim Miller told the station. “We believe in miracles and here was one today.”

Though Velazquez had a phone with him, he did not use it after the crash, according to the report.

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