The 10 Most Expensive Ski Towns To Buy A Home In:

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Telluride, CO home. Image: Christie’s International Real Estate

According to Business Insider, these are the 10 most expensive ski towns to buy a home in. They located the nearest town to the ski area and compiled all of the home listings in that town. They then took the average, if there were 50 or more homes on the market, and developed this list. After reading it, shelling out a few hundred dollars for a weekend in a hotel doesn’t sound so bad.

Top 10 Most Expensive Ski Towns:

Aspen CO home. Image: Bob Bowden Properties

1. Aspen, CO: $2.12 Million

Jackson, WY home. Image: Mountain Living

2. Jackson, WY: $1.32 Million

Park City, UT home. Image: Pinterest

3. Park City, UT: $1.30 Million

Incline Village, NV home. Image: Leading Estates of the World

4. Incline Village, NV: $1.07 Million

Big Sky, MT home. Image: Sotheby’s International Reality

5. Big Sky, MT: $894,000

Cashiers, NC home. Image: Asheville Guidebook

6. Cashiers, NC: $718,000

Truckee, CA home. Image: Ward-Young Architecture.

7. Truckee, CA: $678,000

Mahwah, NJ home. Image: Zillow

8. Mahwah, NJ: 658,000

Sun Valley, ID home. Image: Sun Valley Life

9. Sun Valley, ID: $622,000

Stowe, VT home. Image: Gristmill Builders

10. Stowe, VT: $598,000

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4 thoughts on “The 10 Most Expensive Ski Towns To Buy A Home In:

  1. Why do we continue to celebrate the gross gluttony of the ultra rich who continue to destroy the communities in which they build these masturbatory castles?Who benefits? Not locals.

  2. Mahwah, NJ? It should not be considered a ski town. Not even close to ski town. Doesn’t belong on the list.

  3. This article is a total joke. How about showing pictures of houses that actually cost that much in these markets instead of house that are probably worth 10 times the amount of these averages.
    I also question the methodology of these figures as I know for a fact as an example you couldn’t touch a house in the town of Sun Valley for probably twice the amount of 622,000 unless it was tear me down.

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