The Best Commercial Ever Created?’s “Camp 4 Collective” Video

SnowBrains | just released this video created by Camp 4 Collective (Jimmy Chin).  The video is stunning and captures why many action sports athletes do what they do.  They’re right, it’s not all just Red Bull and high fives.  There is a lot of work, blood, sweat, tears, suffering, and injury that goes into these sports we live.

Yeah, it’s a commercial, but we can live with that as this footage is superb.

Not a bad tag line at the end either:

“When you’re ready to suck the bloody marrow outta this thing we call life, we’re ready for ya.”



This is Backcountry. Here, blood meets rock, sweat meets trail, and the well-worn path to a routine existence reaches its terminus. This is an invitation to feed your wanderlust, to rediscover the spark inside you and feel the strain of your muscles against the forces of nature. Every second is about action—it’s gas and a match fed to grit and determination. Take a glimpse, and then take another — we get it, and this is what we call #goatworthy. –


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3 thoughts on “The Best Commercial Ever Created?’s “Camp 4 Collective” Video

  1. They should have taken the guy talking out. Then it would be the best. No Script needed.

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