The Best Summer On-Snow Park In The U.S. Is At Woodward Copper

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Pipeline Park Beauty Shot. Image: Tripp Fay

Head to Woodward Copper and get on the snow this summer. The Pipeline Park provides a full offering of jumps, rails and other features to shred. There’s not only one park but two – the Big Island Park is located at the base of the American Eagle chairlift in Copper’s Center Village. This park is open to campers but the general public can check it out on the weekends. The best part is Big Island is open from June to October (weather permitting).

Enjoying Pipeline Page. Image: Tripp Fay

On the snow training in the summer is very beneficial, especially as a competitive snowboarder, since most of your counterparts won’t touch the snow during the summer months. In the winter, progression can be hindered by cold temperatures and missing time on the snow because you have to go in and warm up. In the summer at Woodward Copper, that’s not an issue.

Fun in the sun at Pipeline Park. Image: Tripp Fay
Big Island Park. Image: Tripp Fay

During the summer months at Copper Mountain, the daily high temperatures are around 70 degrees and the daily low temperatures are around freezing. The warmth throughout the day provides you with ideal conditions to snowboard in, while the low temperatures help set the snow at night and preserve the snowpack.

Beautiful views are a given. Image: Tripp Fay
Bluebird days are plentiful. Image: Tripp Fay

Copper Mountain has received 229″ of snowfall this season, which is about 75% of their 305″ season average. March is their snowiest month and there’s plenty of snow in the forecast. This means that Copper Mountain will have plenty of snow to make for another amazing summer shredding the park.

Varying terrain for all ability levels. Image: Tripp Fay
Shredding the Big Island Park. Image: Tripp Fay

Pipeline Park Fast Facts:

  • Woodward’s Largest Summer Park
  • Longest & Fastest Surface Lift In North America
  • 3 Small-to-Medium Jumps
  • 1 Quarter Pipe
  • 1 Hip
  • 20-30 Features

Big Island Park Fast Facts:

  • Created From Leftover Superpipe Snow
  • 10-15 Features
  • Same Features As Winter Season
The park is groomed to perfection. Image: Tripp Fay
Groomers working on the set. Image: Tripp Fay

Pipeline and Big Island Terrain Parks are groomed at the end of each day, which gives them plenty of time to set up in time for prime conditions the next day. They are professionally maintained throughout the summer to optimize your time on the snow. If you are looking to progress instead of regress throughout the summer, head to Copper Mountain.

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