How Much Does it Cost to Climb Mount Everest?

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hiking, how much does it cost to climb mount everest
Hikers climbing the mountain. PC: Mount Everest 8848M

Climbing Mount Everest has a 10% chance of fatality, according to PMC. Not only is this journey dangerous, but it’s also extremely expensive.

Hundreds of climbers manage to achieve the accomplishment of reaching the peak of the mountain each year. The cost to climb this treacherous mountain ranges from $33,000 to $166,000. The burning question is: where does all the money go?

For starters, the price can vary because of how much Sherpa support hikers plan on using. Sherpas are members of the Himalayan people, recognized for their skill in mountaineering. Other price fluctuating factors include which side of the mountain athletes climb and whether hikers plan on using a local or western guide. Hikers must also consider the cost of transportation, food, yaks to carry equipment, insurance for the Sherpa staff, camps, and supplemental oxygen. Additionally, for personal equipment, hikers tend to spend around $2,700-$6,000. Personal gear includes a down suit, climbing gear, backpack, boots, sleeping bags, gloves, hats, and socks.

mt everest
Travel, camping, food, equipment, permit fees and more are costs to take into account when looking at climbing Everest. PC: Mount Everest 8848M

Regardless of the choices tourists plan to make, everyone planning to conquer the mountain must pay an $11,000 permit fee to the Nepal government, as reported by The Sun

It is important that hikers are prepared to spend a large sum of costs on their journey, as not having the necessary or right equipment could be dangerous. The hundreds of bodies on the mountain serve as a reminder to other hikers that the journey is a serious commitment, both financially, physically, and mentally.

mt everest, how much does it cost to climb mount everest
Hikers descending off of the mountain, using the necessary equipment they purchased. PC: Mount Everest

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