Top 9 Tallest Mountains in the Solar System

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A computer-generated view of Olympus Mons. Credit: NASA/MOLA Science Team

When asked the tallest mountain in the world, the most common response is likely Mount Everest. Measured from the base to the summit, Mount Everest has the highest elevation, above sea level, reaching 29,032-feet. However, Mauna Kea is, in fact, the tallest mountain on Earth, rising more than 33,500 feet from the base to the summit. What is even more surprising is the mountains that stand even taller than the two highest on Earth, existing in our Solar System.

Olympus Mons, a massive, extinct volcano located on Mars, stands at 21.9 km high, two and a half times the height of Mount Everest. It is also one of the largest volcanoes, the tallest planetary mountain, and the second tallest mountain currently discovered in our Solar System. However, the record for the largest mountain in our Solar System goes to Rheasilvia, located on the asteroid Vesta and sits in the center of a 300-mile wide crater. Believed to be an impact crater and measuring 505km in diameter, it makes up 90% of Vesta’s diameter itself.

The tallest mountains in our Solar System to scale. Photo Credit: Sky Lights

The other tallest mountains in our Solar System are:

9. Oberon peak

  • Location: Oberon, Moon of Uranus
  • Height:11km

8. Ionian Mon

  • Location: Io, Moon of Jupiter
  • Height: 12.7km

7. Pavonis Mons

  • Location: Mars
  • Height: 14km

6. Elysium Mons

  • Location: Mars
  • Height: 14.1km

5. Arsia Mons

  • Location: Mars
  • Height: 17.7km

4. Boösaule Mons

  • Location: Io, Moon of Jupiter
  • Height: 17.2km – 17.8km

3. Ascraeus Mons 

  • Location: Mars
  • Height: 18km

It is hard to believe that the tallest mountain on Earth is nothing compared to the astounding peaks existing in our Solar System. If placed on the continent of North America, Olympus Mons would easily cover the entire state of Arizona. Yet, as mountaineers continuously tackle the next highest peak, does the thought ever cross their mind the amount of vertical one could get skiing a peak two and a half times the height of Mount Everest?

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2 thoughts on “Top 9 Tallest Mountains in the Solar System

  1. Murli is obviously correct…… written, the height is barely higher than Mt Hood and significantly shorter than Mt. Rainier.

    Additionally, I wonder how the scientists would know where the base of mountain on another astronomical body lies. Piercing earth even with ground penetrating radar to a sufficient depth to know for certain that the base has actually been found would be darned difficult.

    It would be interesting to figure out the causal factor for these mountains. Volcanism or continent impact like Everest.

    Regardless, it’s fascinating to put things into perspective, even though the “to scale” graphic of Everest would be MUCH larger.

  2. Sir, the height given for Mt Everest is not correct in the diagram above. The correct height is 8849.87 metres, approximately 8.85 km, not 3.6 km as mistakenly written

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