The Health Benefits Of Skiing:

Jason Ringenberg |
SnowBrains taking some turns at Mt. Bachelor, OR. Image: SnowBrains

One of the greatest things about skiing is that it gives you a huge workout without even realizing it. But just how healthy is skiing for us? Can we justify skipping the gym this week if we went skiing? Let’s find out!

  • Balance and Coordination.
    Skiing greatly enhances our ability to coordinate our bodies. The agility needed to make controlled turns, quickly correct an edge catch or avoid obstacles, and to stop quickly are skills that will translate to better coordination and balance in everyday life.
  • Cardiovascular Health & Endurance.
    Skiing is an aerobic activity that gets your blood flowing and therefore increases how effective you’re cardiovascular system becomes. Uphill skiing is especially a great way to improve heart health.
  • Improves mood and attitude.
    It’s certainly not a mystery why skiing improves our mood and quality of life. Being in the mountains, breathing fresh air, hanging out with your friends and ripping down a mountain on fluffy snow is enough to make anyone smile for a long time. It’s why skiing is such a popular endeavor. Cause it’s so much fun!
  • Builds Muscles.
    Skiing pretty much puts you in a squat position at all times which has the effect of doing a ton of squats without realizing what you’re doing. The strength needed to keep poised and coordinated also comes directly from your core which gives your abdominal muscles a great workout.
  •  Great for Joints and Bones.
    While skiing, the body relies heavily on joints. We’re constantly pivoting and working our ankles, knees, and hips rather heavily and thoroughly in ways that are seldom found in other sports. This contributes to a lower chance of developing Osteoporosis.

So there we have it. More reasons to go skiing!

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