The History of Corbet’s Couloir and “S & S” Couloir in Jackson Hole, WY

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Even if you’ve never been to Jackson Hole, WY, you’ve heard of Corbet’s couloir and you know you have to ride it.  It’s steep, the entrance is never easy, and once you’re in the gut, it’s nothing but glory.

S & S couloir is a whole other story.  This thing is a tight notch you have to throw yourself through, drop 20-feet, then absorb a relatively flat landing after turning about 90º in the air.  This is a big boy line.  Once you land it, you have to make a critical turn or two, then you’re home free.

Learning the history of these two badass lines is good fodder for your next apres ski history sermon.

Corbet’s Couloir is North America’s most infamous ski run. It has been a test piece for thrill seeking adventurers for the last five decades. Anyone who has ever edged their ski tips into the gaping maw of Corbet’s knows the feeling. There is simply nothing like it in North American skiing. Steep, rocky and wild, Jackson Hole offers an unparalleled skiing experience, and it begins with Corbet’s Couloir. – Jackson Hole

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