The Locals Pro Sale has Arrived in SF

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The Local’s Pro Sale is finally coming to the Bay Area. Let me repeat that so it sinks in. This weekend – November 21st and 22nd – the Local’s Pro Sale will be in San Francisco and Berkeley.

In case the gravity of that statement doesn’t strike you, let’s break down the elusive ‘Pro Sale’. 

These pro riders get the best gear on the planet to use, test, compete with, and generally ride a year ahead of us mere mortals. By the time the year is over it is completely useless to them as they’re already testing next years gear, and those items – usually hardly used at all, or not used at all – are given one of two fates. One, they are locked away in a storage unit or closet to never see the light of a bluebird pow day or kiss of a fluffy face shot ever again. Or two, they are sold to mountain town dwellers via garage sales where those lucky enough to attend can spend pennies on the dollar for brand new gear with the knowledge that those few dollars will go directly towards seeing those athletes rad photos in shred magazines, video parts, and competitive season. A touch of localized nirvana if we’ve ever seen it.

TLPS Goggle collection
The Goggle Bar

But before you go running off to hop on Craigslist and check for Garage Sales around your local ski resort or start shopping for bolt cutters around your ski resort’s storage units. Realize, that this is where the ‘Local’s Pro Sale’ comes in.

They’ve taken these individual pro sale’s and made them accessible to towns all over the West. Offering up hundreds of Pro Skier’s, Snowboarder’s, Photographer’s, and various other industry type’s gear at 60% to 90% off what you’ll see on a usual sticker price.

Downtown Farmers Market in SLC, UT
Downtown Farmers Market in SLC, UT

Everything from skis to snowboards, bindings to outerwear, hats to hoodies, and gloves to backcountry gear. If you can dream it. They probably have it in the hundreds. Hell, they even take credit cards.

If those deals and that quality of gear wasn’t enough, the event itself is no usual ski swap where you regularly find normally rational shoppers battling each other for decades old demo gear in a dark-damp Quonset hut of a rental pop up tent. No my friends. At the Local’s Pro Sale you’ll find local beer, food trucks, artisan offerings, and music that offer a chance to reflect on and share some stoke for not only the coming Winter, but the awesome community you live in.

So let me repeat that one more time. This weekend – and this weekend only – the Local’s Pro Sale will be in San Francisco and Berkeley. So come on down. Grab a cold one and get kitted out for Winter with some leftover cash to actually be able to make it out to the mountain and ride your favorite terrain.

Missoula, MT event
The Locals Pro sale in Missoula, MT

Event Details:

San Francisco – November 21 – Club Clementina @ 459 Clementina Street in SOMO – 11am to 9pm

Berkeley – November 22 – Westbrae Bier Garten @ 1280 Gilman Street – 11am to Dark

Portland, OR Event
The Locals Pro Sale in Portland, OR


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