The Pad: Ski Lodge Built from Shipping Containers Opens In Silverthorne, CO

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The Pad, Silverthorne CO
The Pad Ski Lodge Silverthorne, CO with Buffalo Mountain in the Background; image: the

From budget to boujee, the Pad has travelers of all kinds covered. The Pad, a sustainable ski lodge, located in Silverthorne Colorado, has been constructed from 18 recycled shipping containers and other reused or locally sourced materials. It just recently opened, allowing guests to enjoy a chic affordable stay in the heart of mountainous Summit County.

Using inspiration from their experiences traveling abroad, the CEOs created an eco-friendly, chic affordable experience for both travelers on a budget, or those wanting a full retreat experience. By using recycled shipping containers, locally sourced building products as well as remnants from the building it replaced, The Pad was able to be built while consciously considering minimizing its carbon footprint. After a year in business, it will be the first of its kind in Colorado to receive a B certification.

Between its convenient location in the heart of Silverthorne, as well as a variety of rooms to stay in, the choice between 11 hostel-like bunk rooms ($50/night) with community bathrooms, or 24 private room options (up to $350/night); The Pad is appealing to the modern traveler. Surrounded by amenities like the hundreds of hiking trails, Dillon Reservoir, proximity to many major ski resorts like Arapahoe Basin, Copper Mountain, and Keystone as well as being only an hour away from Denver, the Pad is the perfect getaway. Local businesses and operations have partnered with the Pad to provide gusts with guided mountain adventures and other amenities to enjoy throughout their stay. 

Deluxe Room
The Private Room; image:
Hostel Room The Pad
Budget Hostel Like Communal Room; image:

The first rooftop riverside bar in Silverthorne is conveniently located right on top. With 26 taps including hard kombucha, to further reduce waste. The Pad uses modern design to showcase all aspects of the mountain views surrounding it. Each room has a view allowing guests to truly connect with nature during their stay. As well as plenty of outdoor space for guests to relax and enjoy the panoramic mountain views.

“We bring an affordable, yet high-amenity, lodging option to resort areas so that our guests can focus their spending on activities and experiences in the Rocky Mountains and our community.” 

The Pad is the first of its kind to consider the environment and sustainability. Its construction shows the possibility of being able to upcycle otherwise wasteful materials into something that can be given a new life and purpose. It sets a new standard for other ski lodges.

The Pad

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  1. Another liberal marketing fallacy. As a builder and developer these container projects are no more eco-friendly nor cost effective compared to conventional construction.

    Its funny how liberals fall for this sort of fairytale marketing hook line and sinker.

    Don’t forget our climate crisis is mostly fueled by bad actors like China, India and the developing world. Wake up dingbats. Focus on the #’s. Try to figure out how to move the needle and make things better. Stop wasting your time on the feel good marketing BS.

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