The Return of Hotdog Hans: Hotdog Hans 3, Alex Ferreira vs Hotdog Hans

Julia Schneemann | LaughsLaughs
Hotdog Hans
Alex Ferreira in full make up as ‘Hotdog Hans’. | Picture: Screenshot from Hotdog Hans 3 video

Aspen’s favorite crotchety skiing grandpa, Hotdog Hans, returns in this hilarious showdown between himself and Alex Ferreira. Aptly named “Ketchup versus Mustard” after the skiers’ jacket colors and commentated by Olympic gold medalist Jonny Moseley, this is the third installment in the Hot Dog Hans series created by Ferreira and Matt Hobbs.

The first Hotdog Hans short film emerged from a fun idea of dressing up Olympic medalist Ferreira to spoof people on Buttermilk Mountain in Aspen, CO. In the first video, Ferreira — disguised as Hans —approaches a terrain park, eliciting some ridicule from the young crowd, until the fake geriatric drops into the terrain park and blows everyone away with his mad skills.

 “None of them knew what was going on. The first hour and a half, we were completely messing with people. Then the kids caught on. They could tell by my gait of skiing. It was much easier in the first film. Now it’s getting harder to fool people because Hans is becoming more well-known.”

This third installment was a much more choreographed video than the first one and is sponsored by ski wear manufacturer Columbia. Dressed as Hans, Ferreira delivers some incredible retro tricks in this video in the half pipe.

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