The Return of the Ski Onesie

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One Piece Ski Suits
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Heavily retro-inspired one-piece ski suits are beginning to increase in popularity and are making a comeback on the slopes! People are once again embracing the bold-colored suits and enjoying the convenience of having an “all in one” snowsuit. Although your first thought of a one-piece ski suit may be reminiscent of the 80s, the suits were invented in 1948 by Italian designer and skier, Emilio Pucci

Pucci originally designed the suits for the Reed College ski team to keep the team as warm as possible. At the time, ski suits were extremely bad at keeping the heat in, so keeping his team warm would give them a competitive advantage against anyone they faced. Pucci’s suit was not only significantly warmer than any other suit offered at the time, but it was also extremely convenient. As opposed to having to carry multiple bags to store essential items in, now you could store all of those things in your suit. Once other people saw Pucci’s design, they were hooked. The one-piece ski suit was then published in Harper’s Bazaar magazine, and the rest is history.

Retro Ski Suits
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The one-piece ski suit has had waves of popularity since its creation but definitely reached its peak in the 1980s. People enjoyed expressing themselves through flashy snowsuits. Many snowsuits at this time were made with extremely bright colors and fun patterns that would draw anyone’s eye to them. As the 80s were a time where everything – hair, pants, spandex unitards, etc. – seemed to be a little bigger and brighter, of course, people went ecstatic over the one-piece ski suits. However, the suits started to decrease in popularity as the 80s ended and the 90s rolled in. People began seeing these suits as over-the-top or corny, and for a long time, they were deemed simply uncool. 

Nevertheless, the onesie will prevail! In the past few years and especially this ski season, people have once again begun to express their personalities through their fashion choices. The one-piece suits allow for so much self-expression because there are so many fun patterns to choose from. Also, people are beginning to see the benefits of owning a one-piece over the go-to combination of a pair of ski pants and a jacket. The one-piece is significantly warmer in cold temperatures, making it easier for skiers to stay out on the slopes longer before needing a break to go warm up inside. Snowboarders also hopped on the one-piece wave. The one-piece suit eliminates the threat of snow getting down your snow pants if you fall or sit down to adjust bindings. 

Today, you can buy all different types of one-piece suits ranging in price from convenience to luxury.  For example, you can buy a revolutionized chic snowsuit from Dior, Balmain, or Fendi, or you can buy a more retro and light-hearted suit from sites like Tipsy Elves. The number of choices for one-piece suits is seemingly endless and contributed to its rise in popularity on the slopes this year.

Kids One-Piece Ski Suit
Kids are hopping in on the one-piece fun too!
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