The Scope of Elevation Levels in the U.S.

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Elevation levels in the U.S. Credit:

The United States has three major mountain ranges. They are the Rocky Mountains, the Sierra Nevada, and the Appalachian Mountains. The map above really puts the scope of those mountains and the elevation of the entire country into perspective.

It is easy to understand why the western United States is where you want to go for big mountain fun. You can see that nearly the entire western half of the country has significantly higher elevations. Higher elevations mean more snow, and more snow means better skiing. It also shows how flat the eastern half of the country is.

There are many other mountain ranges as well. Others include the snowy Cascade Range in Washington, Oregon, and northern California. We also can’t forget the Alaska Range. The Rocky Mountains themselves include at least 100 separate mountain ranges.

The Maroon Bells in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Credit:

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