Brain Post: The States With The Most Fatal Bear Attacks In The United States

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Bring your bear spray if you visit these National Parks. Credit: Facebook

If getting killed by a bear isn’t on your bucket list, then remember your pepper spray when you visit the regions on this map of the United States. Alaska tops the list with 24 fatal bear attacks, but be aware when in the other States and National Parks listed below:

Bear snooping around in Glacier National Park. Image: Frank Pavaro/Glacier National Park

The Parks With The Most Fatal Bear Attacks In The United States:

1. Glacier National Park

12 fatal bear attacks have occurred in Glacier, that’s more than anywhere else. If you are planning on visiting Glacier National Park you had better be Bear Aware.

2. Yellowstone National Park

Along with the possibility of getting gored by a buffalo in Yellowstone, at #2 for deadliest National Park, the area has had 8 bear attack deaths.

3. Glacier Bay & Chugach National Parks:

Not surprisingly, Alaska scores its share of bear attacks, with Glacier Bay totalling 5 deaths and Chugach 4.

When you go for a walk remember that bears can use those walking trails too. Credit: Facebook

National Parks aren’t the only places where bears prowl. The National Parks listed above are in the three most dangerous states. At 24, Alaska has the most bear-related fatalities. Montana is not far behind with 18. Wyoming comes in at third with 10.

The good news for anyone who finds themselves in one of these States is that these statistics go back to the year 1900. According to the CDC, the government organization which tracks these numbers, there has been less than 1 fatal bear attack in the United States per year. That means there is barely any chance of getting fatally attacked next time you are visiting Yellowstone. But just to be safe, don’t forget to pack the pepper spray.

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